Senator McCain discussing “Strategy” with ISIS commanders.

September 17, 2014   ·   0 Comments

USA is founding the very same terrorists they want to fight six month later.

The footage shows people who are occupying today high positions in the same “Islamic state”, whose fighters are beheading American and British journalists, are selling Christian women into slavery, are destroying entire cities under the banner of radicalism and extremism.

Here McCain and current leaders of ISIS  are chatting nicely with each other …

Please understand us right – McCain and similar to him have very good intentions, they want only to promote freedom, and  if possible the petrodollar.

But the results we can see all over, war and destruction where ever the USA is supposedly  “defending its vital interests”, most of the times thousands of miles away however, without being accountable for its deeds.

So, who and where Mr. Obama is going to fight? Maybe for the termination of the ISIS American officials (and especially the United States Army) do not need to leave the United States at all …




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