The “Western Values” are about to loose historical edge – who will lead the world tomorrow?

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To make it clear, the humans do need all the properties of human rights as it became evident after WWII, and the nations East and West took it on to defend and to further develop them.

Both were caught in their stage of development and historical time line.

The West, who had perpetrated Holocaust had the most blood on hands. Germany ahead of the pack, but not only. After all, the idea of Eugenics and concentration camps was developed in the USA, which was material contributor to Holocaust (Nazinexus, Edwin Black).

But also almost all European nations quietly supported the extermination of Jews along with the Pope in Rome.

In the East the nations of the Soviet Union suffered at first from the communistic revolution (which was supported by Germans to get Russia out of WWI), then from the terrible Stalin dictatorship, followed by the German/Western aggression which lead to WWII. (Conjuring Hitler: How Britain and America made the Third Reich, Author: Guido Giacomo Preparata)

After Stalin’s death the nation slowly by slowly recovered, but still was caught in the Cold War and human rights issues, which derived from this period.

The Soviet Union dissolved due to the under performing economy and the lack of personal freedoms. One has to honor and remember that it was a peaceful disintegration, in contrary to other possible scenarios.

Since then the world hoped for a peaceful coexistence of the major powers – after all, the ideological antagonism disappeared, the Russian Federation became a capitalistic democracy.

However, one can see that the real battles for resources and markets have just started, and the Western world is not ashamed to use all the dirty tricks to secure it’s advantages.

The wars which were lead by the NATO and its supporters since the demise of Soviet Union were connected to economical advantages and had nothing to do with the officially proclaimed goals to defend the human rights and promote democracy.

Ukraine is the next in raw after Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria – and Israel is left alone to confront the chaos left behind – but the main goal is Russia – as for now, the only country which hinders the the USA and its tail NATO to proclaim world hegemony.

Are we witnessing the begin for WWIII or Cold War II?

The latter for sure, the first hopefully not – but where is the so much glorified free western media and free western society to prevent this from happening again?

They are too busy with video games, i-phones and having fun.

They have no time to fight for their future, peace and freedoms, and they let few others decide for them – how sad.

By Mr.Reason.



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