Obama is upset because yet another bombing game went wrong. The East Ukranian resistance pushes back the West Ukranian Junta.

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Let’s remember how the German foreign minister Steinmeier supported in Maidan, Kiew the illegitimate violent ousting of the former Ukrainian president Yanukovitch because he hesitated to sign the EU association agreement.

Let’s remember how the very first law of the nationalistic Kiew Junta removed the official status of the Russian language, in disregard to the fact that 99% of the Ukrainian population speaks Russian and only 10% of the east Ukrainians speak the Ukrainian language.

Let’s remember how NATO declared not to expand towards the Russian borders in the 1990’s and how it did close in instead.

Let’s remember how USA has canceled one sided the agreement which prohibited to place ballistic defense shields outside of its borders.

Let’s remember how these shields are installed at the borders of the Russian Federation now.

Let’s remember how USA and NATO helped the peoples of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria by bombing their countries and what is the result of it.

Let’s remember how the East Ukraine refused to accept the new illegitimate government set up by the West.

Let’s remember how the West Ukrainians send its troops to East to force them to accept their terms.

Let’s remember how cities are bombed with ballistic missiles (Tochka U, Grad), how water and electricity supply of Donetsk and Donbas are being destroyed to force the population to flee, which is a war crime.

Let’s remember how the Malaysian airplane was downed, but suddenly no one wants to know who did it, and the west Ukrainians do not release the recordings of the air control dispatchers.

And now, when the weak Ukrainian army retrieves, despite the help it receives from the West, with all the US military consultants, with all the weaponry it receives from Hungary, Polen, and other NATO countries – now the next hypocrisy and hysteria attack is following and Russia is blamed yet again.

Poroshenko, how about talking to Donbas, instead of bombing it?

On Thursday, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said that Russian troops had entered Ukraine. The statement came as NATO released satellite images that it claimed were showing Russian self-propelled artillery on the Ukrainian territory. The alliance said about 1,000 Russian servicemen were taking part in hostilities in eastern Ukraine.

Washington failed to verify the information, US Department of State spokesperson Jen Psaki said, adding, however, that the State Department had “no reason to doubt their [NATO’s] assessment.”

Andrei Kelin, Russia’s envoy to the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), denied Kiev’s accusations, saying that “there are no Russian convoys” in Ukraine.

“The phrase ‘NATO published satellite shots of Russian troops’ presence in Ukraine” has become as common in recent months as the famous ‘British scientists have discovered…’ As a rule in media, those words are followed by the results of some new crazy research that has no practical sense whatsoever,” Konashenkov said.

Kiev authorities launched a special military operation in mid-April in the southeast of Ukraine against independence supporters, who refused to recognize the legitimacy of the country’s coup-imposed government.

Since the beginning of the military conflict, Kiev has been accusing Russia of sending troops and weaponry to independence supporters in the region.

Russia has repeatedly denied any involvement in the Ukrainian crisis, urging Kiev to stop the bloodshed and establish a direct dialogue with representatives of Luhansk and Donetsk regions.

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