Ethnic Russians who converted to Jewdaism a century ago – how they live today.

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At 650 kilometers from Moscow, in Talovskoye district of Voronezh region, is the country’s largest Sabbathian community – ethnic Russian, who decided at the beginning of the XIX century to observe the “Old Testament” commandments. 

Over time, their faith is growing ever closer to the classical Jewish religion. Now the “Russian Jews” living in the village of Vyssokiy (Высокий), where they gathered in 1922 from the surrounding villages. Throughout all the years of the Soviet Union, they were able to maintain their faith and their customs. Even in the 30 years the chairman of the village managed to agree that people do not come to work on Saturday and Sunday. However, until recently, in the village did not have my synagogue. She appeared only a month ago.

Over the life of the village, where every second Jewish faith, watched photojournalist “Heathcliff” Paul Poor.

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