Russian speaking Jewish population seems to take hits from both sides.

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If you call your origin as a Russian speaking Jew you are possibly encountering a daily slap on both of you cheeks.

The reason is because both major cultures, the Jewish and the Russian, are determining to a significant part your personality in all it’s particularities.

It may influence your taste for food, music and culture, your emotions and your historical awareness, your consciousness, the way you raise your children, the games you play, your education and your friends.

As a Jew you are accustomed to live with the historic understanding that not long before your life would have been determent by the degree of antisemitism prevalent in your neighborhood, city or country.

Now you either live in Israel or are at least emotionally connected to it, because of your understanding that only a strong Israel is a guaranty for the freedoms Jews enjoy in many countries world wide.

As a Russian you have learned to encounter the downfall of the Soviet Union, you may have suffered a significant disruption of your life, you had possibly to immigrate, and to restart your life from scratch in a foreign country.

Both nations remember the WWII in a very special way, due to the Holocaust committed on Jews, and due to the immense sacrifices the Soviet Nations have taken by defeating Hitler.

Not without reason in only two nations the WWII Victory is celebrated officially, and this on the same date – the 9th of Mai – in the Russian Federation and in Israel.

Therefore, if you are a Russian Jew, you are speaking fluent Russian and are to a major degree embedded in the Russian Jewish environment in the country of your residence, be it in Moscow, Berlin, Toronto, NY, Denver, Tel Aviv, etc. – most of your close friends are Russian speaking Jews and you are aware of things which happen in and around Russia in a much higher degree, then a typical native of your new home country.

Same is true in regards to knowledge about Israel.

Though you are very well integrated in the society surrounding you, chances are that even after many years and decades your children and grandchildren have still strong connection to the Russian-Jewish subculture and Pushkin, Tolstoy, Vysotsky, Chorus of Turetsky, Alla Pugacheva, Philip Kir Korov and many more are as big of a part of your live as Santana, Madonna, and Beatles, to name just few.

Now one can imagine what a Russian Jew may encounter, if he happens to support Israel in it’s struggle against the Palestinian terror and he also criticizes the attempt by the West to restrain Russia from developing it’s economical and geopolitical potential, which may ultimately endanger once again Israel by driving Russia in to a corner.

Jewish Russian

From the Left you hear the bad things about Israel and it’s aggressive way of fighting the Terror, from Right you hear about the bad Putin, who wants to conquer the World.

And then one has the chance to read Russian and Israeli news sources and understand how biased the West main stream media reports about the different events.

For those who do not have the option to take a glance from the Russian speaking world I can only recommend to sneak once in a while in to this blog myfutureamerica.org.

No, it’s not the pure and only truth – but who has it?

The main point is to widen your horizon and sometimes to recheck the accustomed opinions and worldviews to various topics surrounding us.

By Mr.Reason


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