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On Wednesday, Russian Foreign Ministry’s Special Representative for Human Rights, Democracy and the Rule of Law Konstantin Dolgov presented his book called “Mass Human Rights Violations in the Course of Civil Resistance between February 22nd and May 5th 2014”. The official stressed that double standards in the evaluation of events in Ukraine should be rejected. He also added that Kiev’s violent actions in the east of the country should not be ignored and go unpunished. Jon Hellevig, political commentator and the co-author of the book “Putin’s New Russia” shared his opinion on the situation concerning human rights violations in Ukraine.

Many experts speak about mass violations of human rights in Ukraine since the beginning of Kiev’s punitive operation in the east of the country. Why does the West keep turning a blind eye to the infringement of individual rights in Ukraine?

From my point of view, it comes from the leading Western governments, they are setting the tone. And unfortunately, this situation has shown that there is no free press in the Western world anymore. All the mainstream media is totally silent about these gross violations.

The Ukrainian junta Government is using all means of repression and terror. We have the Odessa massacre, we have the Mariupol massacre, we have Lugansk bombing but the Western press is keeping silence.

How do you think those responsible for the massacres that you’ve just named can be brought to justice?

In today’s world they can only be brought to justice only by the victors. If the junta will win with its western doctrine, there will be no justice. So, it all depends on that.

Do you think that global organizations, like the Human Rights Watch, can do something about it?

I think that Human Rights Watch is an American propaganda organization. They are very much connected with the US Government and the State Department, so, of course, they will not do anything.

Then people in Donetsk and Lugansk, and in other cities where the military punitive operation is ongoing, what can they hope for?

I think the only hope is that Russia will protect them.

Wouldn’t that create even more violence between the two nations?

I’m not sure it is the right moment to speak about that, but I know that the people who are protecting themselves in Donetsk and Lugansk, they can do much, but they have an overwhelming force against them. So, in this scenario I see a protracted war. People refrain from calling it a civil war, but I think it is a de facto civil war.

What kind of protection Russia can offer to the eastern regions in Ukraine? Because it is one thing, for example, to provide arms for the people to be able to defend themselves. But it seems that, if you listen to all the statements coming from the west of Ukraine, they want to fight till the bitter end. Therefore, the only choice would be – what? – to spread out form those regions and actually recapture power in Kiev?

I think that the Russian position has been that the Kiev government should stop this punitive action and that is in the Geneva agreement.


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