According to a German federal minister Google will be divided since it is becoming a monopoly.

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© DPAIt needs new rules in the digital age: Sigmar Gabriel

In an article for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung for digital debate the Federal Minister of Economics and SPD chairman Sigmar Gabriel referred to the ECJ ruling against Google as a wake up call. It leads in mind that the entire market economy stands up for grabs.

Is the task of policy is now to formulate a new regulatory framework for the digital age. Part of this is Gabriel that “the Ministry of Economy and the Federal Cartel Office to check whether a company like Google has abused its dominant position to displace systematically by mastering one essential facility ‘, essential facilities, competitors.”

It would even be considered to disentangle companies such as Google, as was enforced in the electricity and gas networks. “We therefore take a first antitrust similar regulation of Internet platforms in the eye. Market economy for us is something other than a, cutthroat competition ‘, in which the almost unlimited market power of the one all others may prescribe the conditions for market participation. “Gabriel proposes a specific four-point program.



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