American ‘exceptionablism’ – many points are undeniable – read your self!

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The United States of America is an exceptional nation. It truly is! In every way, shape and form it is the most exceptional country on this little blue orb floating in space. And Americans are the most truly exceptional people on the planet, this is a fact that we know just like America knows that every country it wants to bomb is deserving of their bombs because they are less than exceptional and even, to those exceptionally exceptional exceptionalists, they are in fact objectionable. No country on Earth is as exceptional as the US, if you argue then you too will become exceptionable to the exceptionals. If after being put in your place you remain argumentative and objectionable about your own worthlessness then you will become exceptionally exceptionable and warranting exceptional undebatable irretraceable destruction by exceptional means of annihilation. Exceptional to the max!

Perhaps certain Americans in their ignorance confused the words exceptionable and exceptional because if we look at the reality of what America is, the truly proper word, if we understate (Yes I said understate) the gravity of the situation, is exceptionable. Perhaps though I am wrong, Obama and all of the elites say America is exceptional, maybe they are right. What do I know? I am just an exceptionable expendable indigenous objectionable I suppose.

So let’s look at America for a minute and see why it is truly exceptional. Bear with me here.

America is exceptional because:

It has the highest rate of missing and exploited children in the world, in this it is exceptional.

It has an exceptionally high rate of illiteracy among countries in the modern world and probably one of the most dumbed down populaces on Earth while reportedly having the most advanced information technologies on this little planet. Exceptional!

It has a system of higher education that is exceptionally expensive and only allows the most exceptional of the exceptionals to obtain a higher education.

It has the most exceptional regime of endemic institutionalized racism while at the same time claiming it is the land of the free and equal. This is exceptional hypocrisy. Psychotic in degree. Exceptional.

The US has an exceptional internal white supremacist terrorist organization with exceptional white robes and hoods that have entered into agreement with those in power to maintain the status quo of racial inequality so that they remain more or less inactive. This is an exceptional arrangement with the government and the power elites.

The United States has exceptional laws that allow these and other hate groups to march and terrorize the less exceptional into fear and silence and even loathing of their ethnicity. This is exceptional. To make non-whites ashamed of their own color! Exceptional!

And the health care? World class! The highest paid doctors and nurses on the planet! But if you cut your finger with a fluorescent bulb and get that nasty anti-coagulant in the cut and don’t have insurance, you can bleed to death! Really! Ten thousand dollars a night for a hospital bed! Exceptional!

It has more guns and violence and the most militarized brutal police forces on the planet. Police so intimidatingly armed and exceptionally brutal, unless of course you are a fair maiden then you may be subject to their exceptional love. Exceptionalistically exceptional! To serve and protect!

The police have exceptional training and can shoot you in the head or slam your face into the concrete faster than you can even finish asking, “What did I do?” Exceptional!

The legal system is also exceptional, people can take a gun and shoot black teens walking down the street and then raise hundreds of thousands of dollars from supporters and then have the system say they are innocent. This is like no other system in the world! It is exceptional. They even have the understanding of the crime of walking while black! A capital offense! Exceptional! And the President and Attorney General, black on the outside too! Do nothing! Exceptional!

And the freedom! Like the KKK, neo-nazis [sic], and homicidal anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim lunatics, they can burn Qurans, hold marches, burn crosses and even kill minorities by hanging them from trees and get away with it. Just like the Third Reich! They are exceptional.

Speaking of the Third Reich, the most beautiful thing is that the elites in America include many members of the Jewish persuasion and even a black president and the system of hate flourishes! This is exceptional!

But that is not all. The country that consumes and uses more resources than any other country in the world and which produces almost nothing, is somehow also considered the richest. This is while being technically bankrupt and dependent on foreign resources to keep itself going. This is not only exceptional but unbelievable! Awesome!

And it only gets better. The United States has a leader involved in countless wars and threatening world peace on a daily basis, even threatening through a proxy the Russian Federation with terrorist acts during the Olympic games, and he has the Nobel Peace Prize! This is also exceptional. Yes indeed dear reader. Truly, deeply, undeniably and impressingly exceptional.

The country continues to operate and maintain an illegal torture prison right in front of the eyes of the whole world and gets away with it, while committing war crimes, acts of aggressive war, crimes against peace and now agreeing to use nuclear weapons on North Korea if the pretext is right, remains unprosecuted or unsactioned and its leaders prance around the globe unhindered. This is truly mind-bogglingly exceptional! Bravo! The AWE!

The country is even able to force down the presidential aircraft of objectionable leaders of sovereign nations whenever it wants and get away with it untouched, this my friend is truly exceptional.

But that is not all, that is not even the beginning, Oh no siree Bob! What about that poor Australian lad that exposed their illegality and has grown white haired while trapped in an embassy in a free surrogate country. Exceptionally exceptional. Yes, that! Wow! The true grit of that exceptionalism is mind-boggling!

Then there is the exceptional spying. PRISM, Key Stroke, and all of their corporate slaves allowing the system to be hosted on their servers. That system is truly exceptional! It even spies on the United Nations. Exceptional.

And the weapons! Oh my! The numbers of weapons! Only to be outdone by the different sort and types, oh how many ways to kill their fellow humans, and even make billions doing it! That is exceptional! And the best is when they bomb and devastate a country and then charge the country for reconstruction! That is the very definition of exceptional!

What about the population! Enslaved! Afraid to speak out! And paying for the endless wars and profiteering! While they themselves are having trouble finding food! These people are so exceptional they even give these huge corporations which have sent all of their jobs abroad tax breaks! Yes these billion dollar corporate monsters do not have to pay taxes like the poor homeless minions! That is truly exceptional!

Wait! Back to the legal system for a second! This is a country where parents can adopt and then kill foreign children and then spend a few months relaxing in a well equipped comfortable cell, eating three squares and then get out and do it again! Truly exceptional. While we are at it! The death penalty! Yes truly an exceptional punishment! And what about that little guy who exposed all of those war crimes? The war criminals got away with it and he went to prison forever! Exceptional! And the public has done nothing! Also exceptional.

While we are there, what about this? They can arrest citizens of other countries in third countries for intending to possibly think about assisting someone who may have had the inclination to consider breaking an American law, and then throw him in jail for 25 years just because they say he is a bad guy! Exceptional!

And the political system! A billion dollars plus to be president and two parties that are really one! Exceptionally. And the archaic Machiavellian political system where one can lose the popular vote but win the presidency! Exceptional. Yes indeed. Wow.

What about the warfare. Exceptional. They can sit in a bunker and kill people with a drone. Committing extra-judicial executions at will and even make up killing lists on a publicly known day called “Terror Tuesdays” and the people and the world do nothing! Because they are exceptional! And now these exceptional killing drones have become even more exceptional! They have become F-15 fighter aircraft and next? Bombers that will be drone-like! Exceptional! They will be able to bomb entire continents of the planet while watching their favorite programs on TV. EXCEPTIONAL beyond the exceptional.

But the most exceptional thing is that this exceptional country, which was founded on the genocide of over 100 million American Indians and built by slaves, calls itself the Land of the FREE! Truly and monumentally exceptional.

And lastly also worth mentioning for its exceptionability is that event that made it all possible! 9-11, the most exceptional controlled demolition in the history of the human race! And no one was prosecuted for it! Exceptional to the existential degree! Imagine three skyscrapers imploding into their own footprints after lateral impacts, and the third was not even hit. Exceptional… And the number of dead 2,999 almost exactly 3,000. The horror and monstrosity of this event is beyond words. Yet, the fact that all of the aircraft disintegrated, melted and disappeared into dust. Exceptional! And the best minds in science could never explain where the 767s disappeared to!!! Truly exceptional.

Yes America! You are exceptional. Oops, sorry, did I say exceptional? I meant exceptionable. So sorry.

The views and opinions expressed here are my own. I can be droned at robles@ ruvr.ru

John Robles


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