Who brought Hitler to power

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Hitler Wars. Conjuring Hitler: How Britain and America Made the Third Reich. by Guido Preparata. 2005. Review By Henry Makow, Ph.D.

80 years ago, Adolf Hitler was appointed chancellor of Germany. January 30, 1933 German President Hindenburg appointed Hitler’s head of government, instead of Kurt von Schleicher. Hitler at that time was the leader of Germany’s most popular party – the National Socialist German Workers Party (German: Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei; abbr. NSDAP it. NSDAP). November 6, 1932 by special election to the Reichstag Nazi Party won 33.1% of the vote.

This appointment was fatal in the history of Germany and the world. One year later, after the death of President Hindenburg, Hitler received powers of the head of State and Supreme Commander of the armed forces. From this moment his power over Germany becomes full and begins preparing the country for revenge for the lost First World War. Just a few years the policy of “appeasement” have led to the fact that the world was on the brink of a new global struggle.

Unfortunately, the official exchange rate of telling stories about the preparation of the outbreak of World War II, virtually no reports on the financing of Hitler and the Nazi Party. About how Hitler actually “led” to the highest office in Germany. Although the understanding of the true causes of the outbreak of the Second World War and the destruction of the Soviet Union, it is necessary to know who was behind the German Nazis and was the true culprit of the customer and the global massacre that killed and maimed tens of millions of lives. Otherwise, the lack of information leads to the fact that people are starting to believe myths that “bloody villain” totalitarian Stalin and the Soviet Union were the instigators of the Second World War. The most brazen “investigators” have agreed to the fact that the Soviet Union and Stalin personally helped Hitler to come to power, that he crushed the country’s “Western democracy”.

In recent years, began to appear serious studies that say that the key structures that determined the long-term development strategy of the West, after the First World War, were the major financial institutions in England and the United States – the Bank of England and the U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed). Behind them stood with certain financial and industrial organizations, clans and families, who are called “Golden elite”, “financial International”, “international conspiracy,” etc. These structures solved the problem by establishing absolute control over the world, the establishment of the New World Order.

One of the particular but important tasks of these structures was to establish complete control over the German financial system, to control the political process in Central Europe and the impact on neighboring regions. At the first stage of the financial and economic dependence on Europe and Germany was built on the problem of war debts and German reparations to the victorious in the First World War. The United States during World War II could become the country of the debtor, the largest creditor. Only after the United States entered the war the Americans gave the Entente allies – Britain and France 8.8 billion. After the war, the British and French tried to solve its financial and economic problems at the expense of Germany (during the war even come up with an appropriate slogan – “The Germans will pay for everything!”).

A huge amount of reparations payments, and the harsh conditions have led to the flight of German capital abroad and failure to pay taxes. The state budget deficit could cover only through mass production of unsecured marks. The result of this situation was the “great inflation” in 1923, which was a record 578512% when one dollar had to give 4.2 trillion. marks! In fact, it was the collapse of the German currency. Therefore, German industrialists were to sabotage all the activities in the payment of reparations. This led to the Franco-Belgian occupation of the main industrial area of ​​Germany – the Ruhr, so called. “Ruhr crisis.” The Anglo-American financial circles perfectly used this stalemate when Germany could not pay the bills, and France could not solve the problem by military means.

As a result, the EU has “matured” to the American proposals. The London Conference in 1924 adopted a new procedure for reparation payments in Germany, so called. “Dawes Plan”. Through this plan, the German payments were reduced by half – to 1 billion gold marks, but by 1928 the size of payments in Germany is expected to grow to 2.5 billion marks. Also, there was stabilization of the German mark, which provided favorable conditions for U.S. investment. According worked out in the bowels of the company, “JP Morgan” plan, Germany granted a loan of 200 million dollars (it accounted for half of JP Morgan). By August 1924, the monetary reform – the old German mark was replaced new. Thus Germany was prepared for U.S. financial assistance. Until 1929, mainly from the United States to Germany received loans worth 21 billion marks.

Developed a very original and clever system, so called. “Absurd Weimar circle.” Gold, which the Germans gave the victorious countries, came primarily cover the amount of U.S. debt. Then the money is in the form of “aid” to return to Germany and Berlin gave them to secure reparation sums of Great Britain and France. The British and French pay them their war debts to the United States. Americans once again sent to Germany, these amounts already in the form of loans at significant interest. As a result, Germany “hoisted” on the hook for loans. This is the time of the Weimar Republic was called the “Golden Twenties”. The country and its industry lived in debt and without Washington would have suffered a complete bankruptcy.

It should also be noted that these loans were going to restore the military-industrial potential of Germany. As a result, in 1929 German industry came in second place in the world. However, the Germans paid for loans by shares of industrial companies, so the Anglo-American capital began to actively penetrate into Germany and took up a large sector of the German economy.

In particular, the well-known German chemical company “IG Farben was under the control of the American” Standard Oil “(ie, the Rockefeller home) depending on the” General Electric “(Morgan) were” Siemens “and AEG, the American corporation ITT belonged to 40 % of German telephone networks. The German steel industry is largely dependent on the Rockefeller Foundation, under the control of “General Motors” company was “Opel”. Do not forget the Anglo-Saxons and banking, and railroads in general is more or less valuable German assets.

At the same time was a process of “growing” the political force that was to play a major role in the “performance” under the name of World War II. The Anglo-Saxons were engaged in the financing of the Nazis and Hitler personally. According to the German Chancellor Heinrich Brüning (he held the post of chancellor in 1930-1932.), Starting from 1923, Adolf Hitler received substantial sums from abroad through banks in Switzerland and Sweden. Already in 1922 were “bride” – Hitler in Munich, Hitler held a meeting with the U.S. military attaché in Germany Captain Truman Smith. U.S. intelligence has made to the Department of Military Intelligence very flattering report about Hitler. It was Smith introduced to Hitler in Ernst Hanfstaengl (Hanfstaengl), nicknamed “Putsi.” Ernst was born of mixed American-German family, graduated in 1909 from Harvard University. This expressive people – nearly two-meter giant with a huge head, protruding jaw and thick hair that stood out in any crowd, a gifted pianist, played an important role in the formation of Hitler as a politician. He introduced the future leader of Germany in Munich’s artistic and cultural circles, has provided him the acquaintance and communication with senior leaders abroad, supported financially. After the failure of the “Beer Hall Putsch” in 1923 gave him temporary shelter in his villa in the Bavarian Alps. Helped Hitler to restore the situation after his release from prison. In March 1937 Hanfstaengl had left Germany, because Hitler was already burdened by his influence. Quite interesting is the fact that of the Second World War Hanfstaengl served in the United States in the White House expert for the Nazi party.

After the fall of 1929, when American bankers behind the Federal Reserve, provoked the collapse of the U.S. stock market, “Finance International” began a new phase in German politics. In the world, and Germany was provoked by the crisis, which led to increased social tensions and radicalization of the political field. The Federal Reserve and the House of Morgan decide to stop lending to the Weimar Republic, inspired by the banking crisis and economic depression in the country. In September 1931, the Bank of England abandoned the gold standard, which was the conscious destruction of the international payments system. “Financial oxygen” Weimar completely blocked. Naturally, the financial and economic problems have led to growing social tensions in Germany and the automatic increase in popularity of radical political forces and the Nazi Party. The Nazis got good funding, and join the ranks of storm troopers ensured the stability of their members, families. The press, as if on cue, start praising Hitler and his party’s program.

The inflow of funds from abroad allowed Hitler, who in the 1920s was the leader of the party and the dwarf, “writer”, to lead a very lavish lifestyle, having a villa in the Alps, a car with a personal driver, and other pleasures of life is very expensive. By the beginning of 1930, Hitler had already had a considerable retinue of secretaries, bodyguards, various hangers-on. In August 1929, in Nuremberg to the Congress party, its members were brought in specially commissioned trains – about 200 thousand people. (!) Where is the money? This at a time when Germany was still in crisis.

Since the NSDAP is a miracle. More on the elections in 1928 the party won only 2.3% of the vote in parliamentary elections. But in September 1930 the party receives as a result of large financial investments 18.3% of the vote, finishing in second place in the Reichstag. At the same time begin generous donations from abroad. January 4, 1932, a meeting of Hitler and the future chancellor Franz von Papen with Governor of the Bank of England Montagu Norman. At this meeting, also attended by brothers John and Allen Dulles, the future secretary of state and the head of the CIA. The Summit concluded a secret agreement on the financing of the National Socialist German Workers Party. In January 1933, there was another important meeting – Hitler had a conversation with von Papen, a banker Kurt von Schroeder and industrialist William Kepler. They provided support to the Führer of the German financial and industrial groups. As a result of this meeting, the way the Nazis to power was finally cleared. 30 January, Hitler became head of the government.

I must say that initially the attitude of Western politicians and the press to the new German government was quite sympathetic. Although Hitler and his supporters have repeatedly in writing and orally presented their plans for communism, communists, Jews, racially alien elements, etc. Even when the Berlin refused to pay reparations, which put into question the payment of war debts to the U.S. by Britain and France , Paris and London did not present any claims Hitler. Moreover, after a visit to the United States in May 1933, the new head of the Reichsbank, Hjalmar Schacht, and a meeting with U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt and the largest financiers of Wall Street, Americans have identified Germany, new loans of up to $ 1 billion. In June 1933, Schacht visited the UK and is seeking new success. After meeting with the Governor of the Bank of England, Norman, Germany, England provides a loan of $ 2 billion and reduce and then cancel the payments on old loans.

In 1934, “Standard Oil” build gasoline refineries in the Reich, and U.S. companies, “Pratt & Whitney” and “Douglas” German aircraft manufacturers will be given a number of patents. In general, the level of annual U.S. investment in Germany increased to $ 500 million a year. It was generous of Western investment and will form the basis of the “German miracle”, turning Germany into an economic leader of Europe.

Interestingly, the financing of the Hitler regime by the United States continued even during the Second World War. In the summer of 1942 the newspaper New York Herald Tribune a scandal, when she came with the title “In Hitler’s Angels – three million U.S. dollars in the bank.” Under the “angels Hitler” meant the top leaders of the Reich Goebbels, Goering, etc. They were contributors to the New York bank Union Banking Corporation (UBC), which according to journalists was “a major Nazi organization for laundering money.” The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) was forced to conduct an investigation, which revealed that American investments allowed the German Steel Trust to produce half of the iron, which is produced in the Third Reich, more than a third sheet steel, explosives, and other materials necessary for the war.

It is clear that this assistance was not for the beautiful eyes Fuhrer. The home team in London and Washington well knew how to count every dollar. Hitler and the Nazi Party were considered as a long-term project, which was to crush outside the control of “financial International” Soviet Russia. Moscow dared to show the world an alternative project of the world order, which could not disturb the home of the Western democracies. The Soviet Union had to be significant to punish, and to seize Russian resources. The “Third Reich” was showing the future of humanity: the global slave-owning, parasitic in nature pyramid, where the top of the pile of financial and industrial magnates, and other slaves. For this was not a pity to destroy hundreds of thousands of Jews who have assimilated into the countries of Europe and the USSR. Hands of Hitler and his ilk leaders’ financial International “was willing to destroy entire nations. West long prepared and focused Hitler (including its ideological, mental training, “pumping”), to “expand the living space” in the East.

It explains all the “dark spots” in the background and history of the Second World War. It was the “golden rain” by Britain and the United States, the transfer of advanced technology, political and “moral” support enabled Germany to become the leader in Europe. Hitler and the Wehrmacht allowed to take without a fight Austria, the Sudetenland, Czechoslovakia. They closed their eyes to remove provisions Versailles Treaty, which concerned the armed forces, military construction in Germany. Thus was created the first-class German army. It becomes clear the “phony war” on the Western Front, when the Wehrmacht smashed Poland, the march across France and the strange “escape” to the UK, Rudolf Hess, his equally strange death many years later. This also explains miraculous “rescue” of the British troops at Dunkirk, like a strange choice of strategy in Berlin – an attack on the Soviet Union, rather than to finish off England, capturing Gibraltar, Suez, go through the Middle East to Persia and India.

It is clear that at some point Adolf Hitler led them to feel the power of the system, I decided to change the rules and take part in the Great Game as a full partner, which is not included in the plans of its creators. However, this does not change the fact that it was originally a “project” masters of Western civilization.

Author Alexander Samsonov
January 30, 2013
Automatic translation from Russian


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