Does violance in U.S. reflects it’s international behavior?

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Violence in US is the result of ‘policy failure’ – Russian general

2011 февраль Фото ГР Леонид ИвашовLeonid Ivashov

© Photo: Voice of Russia

An increasing number of hostage-taking incidents in the US should be attributed to the failure of the country’s foreign and domestic policy. A statement to this effect was made by General Leonid Ivashov, who presides over the Russian Academy of Geopolitical Problems.

In an interview for the Voice of Russia, General Ivashov said Washington is no longer able to secure an effective management of the processes it used to impose on the international community.

The US is abandoning liberal ideology in favor of a different tactic where it abstains from attacking the so-called ‘islets of anti-Americanism’ and resorts to lies and the overthrow of unwanted regimes, the expert says.

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But this tactic is no longer getting support inside the country as Americans are gradually beginning to understand that all these campaigns are at odds with their interests and serve the interests of the banking community.

Such sentiments undermine the established moral values giving vent to sordid feelings which spill into school shootings and hostage takings, General Ivashov concludes.

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