This post is for 18+ years of age! Why the world should be against a unipolar world order, as the U.S. is dreaming of, and why Israel is afraid of the Iranian bomb.

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Why the world should be against a unipolar world order, as the U.S. is dreaming of?

Is there any guaranty, that a country which considers to be a democracy today won’t become a dictatorship tomorrow?

If Hitler had acquired the nuclear weapon first, who could have stopped him?

Was USA a democracy in 1900?

Was it the U.S. who introduced racial laws based on Eugenics in 1910-30th, establishing in more than 20 states concentration camps, forced sterilization, forced divorce, etc.

Did Hitler get his inspiration from U.S. Eugenics societies, who proposed to diminish the unworthy races by gas?

Did Henry Ford promoted antisemitic propaganda on an gigantic scale?

Did IBM materially supported Hitler in organizing the Holocaust?

Was in every Concentration Camp an IBM office?

Are the tattoos on arms of the concentration camps prisoners IBM numbers?

Were many other U.S. organizations supporting Nazi Germany, Carnegie Foundation, GM, Rockefeller Foundation, to name just few.

Did U.S. government and it’s embassies provide postal services to U.S. companies in Germany during WW2 who actively supported Hitler?

The answers to those questions you can find in the book of Edwin Black, Nazi Nexus.

Because of the history, and even if it’s being suppressed by US authorities and media, because it may hurt some feelings of millions Americans to learn about the deeds of some of it’s grandfathers and of some prominent political figures, still, it did happen, and because of it, the humane civilization as a whole would be at risk, if only one country would gain absolute domination of the world, since there is no guaranty for the future.

We as a human race know our self too well.

Because each generation must fight for it’s freedoms ever and ever again.

Because freedoms are not inherited to the next generation automatically.

Holocaust was perpetrated by Nazi Germany, but it had supporters among almost all Western countries, who considered them to be the most developed nations.

Only thanks to an common international effort was it possible to overcome Nazi Germany, and in the end the ignorance and racism within many countries had began to vanish, also in the US, where it took Martin Luther King and many years more till black people were at least formally accepted equal.

One can learn in Miami Jewish museum, that till the1970’s Jews were not allowed to buy property close to beaches.

The understanding of history is imperative in shaping the future of the world for the coming generations.

One important lesson is, that no country or single organization should be gaining a total domination over the world, which may become possible nowadays due to combination of nuclear weapons, advanced weaponry, advanced communication technologies, control of mass media, control of individuals by digitization and computerization, global control of the financial system, etc..

There is always a risk of a peaceful nation or organization to become a violent one because of misguided policies.

We shell never forget how the civilized world was almost overtaken by the dark force, when Hitler managed to entangle not only the whole German nation, but also the neighboring states in to a murderous war.

At the height of Hitlers Third Reich almost 400 million people have contributed to his war efforts, mostly by force, though he always found eager helper on every level of the societies.

Reason and logic should never be replaced by merely patriotic feelings.

May be at some time the world will decide to develop an  international “Anti Trust” protocol, to make sure proper balance on international stage is maintained.

But till then, a wise administration of a very might full country needs to act in accordance with the international law, without bulling other members of the international community.




Following are some pictures to remind those, who think those deliberations are just theory, where  despotism may lead to.





Here, British armed forces have liberated Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. It was one of the smallest one. Auschwitz was liberated by the USSR Army.

According to an interview published in Jerusalem Post a British pilot was asked, why they didn’t bomb the rail roads in Germany to prevent the daily transportation of prisoners who were transported to concentration camps every night (The German Railway System was logistically supported by IBM to enable the “normal” transportation of goods during the day and nighty transportation of prisoners).

The answer of the pilot was:”There was no order to bomb the respective rail way system routs.


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Bergen belsen


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