Watch History unfolded in a world wide translated video lecture! After all, the real “Statue of Liberty” is three times bigger, and may be located in Russia, Mamayev Kurgan. Stay tuned!

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History unfolded! Lecture by Edwin Black about Holocaust – U.S. Corporations – US government.

The book Nazinexus from Edward Black is a must read for every one to more profoundly to understand what really happened around the human tragedy of WWII, Holocaust, and then after.

Not only was some part of U.S. scientific, corporate, and political societies involved in enabling Hitler to wage war, it was material in organizing Holocaust and that happened under full knowledge of the government, which provided postal services among US corporations through its embassies during WWII.

For example, according to the historical research presented by Edwin Black, in each Concentration Camp (KZ) an IBM office was  present, the tattooed numbers on prisoner arms are IBM numbers. IBM produced customized punch cards to the Hitler’s Nazi regime and enabled him hereby logistically to perpetrate the genocide.

Further more, according to the historical data, IBM helped to organize the German Rail Way system (Deutsche Bahn), which transported at day light normal cargo, and in the night the prisoners to the various concentration camps.

When the Holocaust Museum exhibited one of the original IBM punch card machines used in a concentration camp, IBM succeeded in pressing the museums administration to exchange it to one which did not have the IBM imprint on it.

Hereby it is important to notice, that IBM is only one of the many corporations and foundations named in the research, which were deeply involved with the Hitler Regime. Carnegie foundation, Rockefeller foundation, General Motors, …, just to name a few.

Carnegie foundation, for example, developed and funded various German eugenics programs, including the one that Josef Mengele worked in before he went to Auschwitz.[9][10]

The questions we have to raise are directed not only to the past generations, but also to the political establishment in power today.

It has to report us why our history is not widely taught and analyzed properly, so we can make sure it will never happen again.

Why is it, that an average American knows possibly a lot more about the atrocities Stalin had perpetrated, than about the history of the leaders of its own country.

All nations had leaders who made mistakes. Racial motivations, eugenics, which lead to Holocaust were addressed best possible over the last decades, though still work to be done.

But war for profit seems still to be acceptable in wide circles of the political establishment in U.S.

One indication for it is, that the real motivation for the last Iraq war is still not being discussed publicly.

It is a clear sign, that significant lessons from the history are not being taken into the account.

The questions are, why the political system does allow the U.S. administration to follow a seemingly hidden agenda?

Where is the main stream media?

More to the historic questions be found on following sites:

Nazinexus by Edwin Black.

Also, see Oliver Stone’s Untold History of the United States.

Exerts from Wikipedia.

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Mother Russia at Mamaev Kurgan, Stalingrad memorial site.

 Mother Russia2

 Muther Russia close up



The battle of Stalingrad memorial site.

The battle of Stalingrad memorial site.


Volgograd Russia 1168234589


Mamev Kurgan1

Pictures from private archives and Wikipedia.

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